Discover the French Wordle’s Secrets

Wordle but without all the ads

Sutom, an enthralling word game, has won the hearts of many language game enthusiasts. As a French adaptation of the popular Wordle and Motus, it stands out and appeals to a wide audience. Let’s dive into Sutom’s history and origins to uncover the secrets of its success.

I. The Roots: Wordle, Motus, and Word Games

Wordle’s history and its impact on online word games: Created in 2022 by American software engineer Josh Wardle, Wordle is simple, accessible, and quickly became a hit game.

This word puzzle game gained popularity fast and inspired various international adaptations, including Sutom.

II. Sutom’s Birth: A Successful French Adaptation

As passionate word game and linguistic challenge lovers, we didn’t find Wordle complete enough.

So we adapted the concept to cater to the unique aspects and challenges of the French language.

And now, Sutom is also available in English !

The Sutom mobile app for iOS and Android was born, incorporating all the features Wordle lacked.

Sutom on mobile offers:

  • Free & Unlimited play
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Game history
  • Visual hints
  • And many more features to discover!

III. A Growing and Committed Community

With increasing popularity and an engaged community sharing tips and achievements, social media networks (like Instagram @Sutom_by_lexi) and dedicated forums showcase the excitement and contribute to the game’s renown.

Several factors explain Sutom’s success, such as simplicity, accessibility, fun and educational aspects, and the ability to play for free. These elements have captivated a broad audience and encouraged many players to embark on the Sutom adventure.

IV. Sutom’s Impact on Learning and Language Culture

Sutom encourages players to expand their vocabulary and deepen their knowledge of the English and French languages. By taking on daily challenges, players discover new words and learn to master the language’s nuances.

By popularizing a English word game, Sutom promotes English language and culture, sparking curiosity and interest in English linguistic heritage’s richness and diversity.


By offering a captivating, accessible, and educational game, Sutom has successfully united an engaged and passionate community. So don’t hesitate – dive into the fascinating world of Sutom and join thousands of players taking on daily challenges!

If you haven’t already, embark on the Sutom adventure and experience the joy of solving French linguistic puzzles. Who knows, maybe you’ll become a word expert and an active member of this growing community? So, get typing and good luck!

Download the App !

Sutom is free and you can play without being into an Ad (oh boy, that’s said) 🚀