Lexi / Wordle

A fun daily word puzzle, for all ages!

Several game modes, different difficulty levels, a history and lots of other things to discover!

Tired of Wordle Ads?

Here we are!

Word of the day

We add a new word to discover every day, the same for everyone. Push yourself and you may be among the top players in the world! (Yes, Lexi is played online!)

With Lexi, you can find all the previous words of the day; your history and statistics, but also the ones you missed!”

Solo Modes

Play without any limitation!

  • Classic: to train and help you progress
  • Blind: without the first letter for even more fun
  • Chrono: find as many words as possible in the allotted time!

Online Mode

A game is often more fun with friends!

  • Add your friends
  • Check their scores
  • Improve your profile
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Lexi, another version of Wordle but without an ad every single second. To play, all you need to do is download the Lexi application, available on the Apple Store or the Play Store.

Sutom is a game inspired by Motus and Wordle.

The goal is to guess a word in a maximum of 6 attempts. Each attempt gives you clues about the letters that are present or not. By following these clues, you must guess a word of 5 to 9 letters!

The game

An international grid is offered every day, with a word to guess. All players must guess the same word.

But with Lexi you can also practice unlimited words in Solo Mode !

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